In 2017, we're going to highlight another awesome aspect of Thinking Putty...the thinking! We'll be highlighting the great minds of the past and present—like Einstein, Nikoli Tesla, Elon Musk, Marie Curie, Aristotle and more. We'll also be looking to the future and to all of you out there who are using Thinking Putty to shape some ingenious ideas of your own! We would love to hear some of your great thoughts or about some of your favorite "thinkers" of all time. Tell us about it on Twitter by tweeting to us @ThinkingPutty, post a pic of your idea on Instagram, or write to us via Facebook using the #PuttyThinking hashtag.

Take a look at our most recent Great Thinkers Video!

Episode 1

Sir Issac Newton

We talk about Sir Issac Newton, his achievements, and what Crazy Aaron finds interesting about his life.

Episode 2

Marie Curie

I  chose Marie Curie. Marie was a Polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist who conducted pioneering research on radioactivity. She is the only woman to have won two Nobel Prizes. 

Episode 3

The Wright Brothers


The Wright Brothers have a special place in my heart.  Like me, they were self-taught.  And because they were self-taught they never learned the things they shouldn't try.  They just got down to work and experimented directly, tweaking things until they got results.  So many men with great engineering educations and men of means had tried to build a powered flying machine and failed.  The establishment was infuriated that two nobody's from Ohio made it work!