Here are just a few examples of promotional tins of Thinking Putty that were a big hit! Maybe yours will be next…

Innovation Putty

Innovation Putty

"We have used other items before and moved on…this one we have reordered again and again!"

Project Goal: Create buzz at job fairs to attract more candidates to fair booth.

Must Haves: Wanted an item that stood out from the rest. Looking for an item that could be reused over multiple job fairs to build buzz among attendees.

Why Thinking Putty Worked: We played with this product the first time we saw it and loved it! "Job fair attendees will see this giveaway and come running to the booth. They come for the putty, but then they start talking about the company. The product stays on their desks instead of throwing it away after the show."

Reimagine Putty

Reimagine Putty

"We couldn't believe we could get such a great item with such a short turnaround!"

Project Goal: Come up with a unique handout for a sales kickoff event that has a "hands on" theme.

Roadblocks: Wanted full color art, needed a very fast turnaround, and wanted an item that employees would remember.

Why Thinking Putty Worked: "The small size tins with full color art were visually appealing and the quality of the putty inside was excellent. Our turnaround time was so tight that we did not think we would get such a quality full color item so fast! We will definitely reorder again!"

Six Degrees Dr. Pi Putty

Dr. Pi's Miraculous Miracle Mucus

Project Goal: Create a holiday gift for clients and sales prospects that creates brand awareness and identifies the firm as an "outside the box" consultancy.

Why Thinking Putty Worked: Thinking Putty was a popular holiday gift to recipients. Follow-up inquiries improved as a result of increased brand awareness.

Gold Addy Award Winner

The product and design received a Gold Addy award for best promotion from the American Advertising Federation. This resulted in national press and an increase in the firm's cache.

Millipore Existential Crisis Goop

Millipore Existential Crisis Goop

Project Goal: Draw tradeshow attendees into the booth and persuade them to stay for a short presentation.

Marketing Method: Send postcards to pre-registered attendees promising a tin of Thinking Putty after their visit to the booth.

Why Thinking Putty Worked: Thinking Putty generated a 300% higher response rate than previous gifts of t-shirts, high-end pens, and other desk toys used in previous years. Tradeshow buzz was generated and attendees without postcards swarmed the booth to learn more and receive their Thinking Putty gift.

Green Man

Green Man Goo

Project Goal: Purchase a personalized and branded product for a free gift for event attendees.

Why Thinking Putty Worked: "We had a great experience with our Thinking Putty order. The color was perfect for us and matches our logo perfectly. We were very pleased with the putty and the standard of printing. They could not have been more helpful and confirmed all details along the way. As we ordered from the UK, we were concerned that delivery would not be in time, but it was! A great product and a great idea. We will definitely re-order if another event comes up!"