With over 30 stock colors plus the ability to PMS match the putty, there is a Thinking Putty color for every logo!


These standard color choices provide all of the basic primary colors. A good choice at a great price to match almost any logo!

Primaries - Orange Primaries - Hot Pink Primaries - Yellow Primaries - Blue Primaries - Purple Primaries - White Primaries - Coral Primaries - Red Primaries - Black
Orange Hot Pink Yellow Blue Purple White Coral Red Black


You won't find more shimmer at a standard price in any other custom putty product! These eight colors all have added streaks of shimmer to make the colors really stand out.

Electrics - Emerald Green Electrics - Electric Green Electrics - Electric Blue Electrics - Lilac Electrics - Lapis Electrics - Electric Red Electrics - Teal Electrics - Lime Green
Lilac Lapis Electric
Teal Lime


Looking for something that really sparkles? Our four metallic colors add an upscale look to any marketing project. Choose from Gold, Silver, Bronze, or Graphite…all at a standard price.

Metallics - Shiny Silver Metallics - Gunmetal Graphite Metallics - Brilliant Gold Metallics - Lustrous Bronze
Shiny Silver Gunmetal Graphite Brilliant Gold Lustrous Bronze

Precious Collection - Premium

Inspire brilliance with our Precious Collection! Packed with sparkling metallic glitter, three cool Metals and three colorful Gems create the lustrous line. Soft, beautiful, and full of shine, this Thinking Putty is a luxurious way to play.

Copper Crush Good as Gold Pure Platinum Ceylon Sapphire Burmese Ruby Persian Emerald
Copper Crush Good as Gold Pure Platinum Ceylon Sapphire Burmese Ruby Persian Emerald

Heat Sensitive Hypercolor

Looking for a Thinking Putty color that's full of surprises? These four premium colors are thermochromatic! They change color with heat — touch the putty to your warm coffee mug on your desk and watch the color change right before your eyes!

Heat Sensitive - Twilight Heat Sensitive - Sunburst Heat Sensitive - Chameleon Heat Sensitive - Amethyst Blush
Twilight Sunburst Chameleon Amethyst Blush

Glow in the Dark

Some marketing projects are so exciting they almost glow in the dark. But this Thinking Putty actually does! All four of these premium colors look white in light, but they glow brightly in four different colors once they are charged by UV light.

Glow in the Dark - Krypton Glow in the Dark - Amber Glow in the Dark - Ion Glow in the Dark - Aura
Krypton Amber Ion Aura

Super Illusions - Premium

These three premium putties will WOW just about everyone with their amazing sheen and explosive colors. If you want a putty with a high end feel, these are the colors for you.

Super Illusions - Super Oil Slick Super Illusions - Super Lava Super Illusions - Super Scarab
Super Oil Slick Super Lava Super Scarab

Super Magnetic - Premium

Our craziest Thinking Putty of all…it's magnetic! Add the optional large ceramic magnet (in our medium and large size tins only) and the play possibilities are endless! These four premium colors have a force like no other.

Super Magnetic - Strange Attractor Super Magnetic - Quicksilver Super Magnetic - Strange Attractor Super Magnetic - Quicksilver
Strange Attractor Quicksilver Tidal Wave Reactive Razz